Custom Technology Kits

Custom Technology kits are the best choice to carry and collect tech items with a little extra flare. Great for gift bags and prizes, technology pouches can carry your charging cables, ear buds, and other electronic elements while promoting your brand, front and center.

Your custom technology kit can be anything you want it to be. In addition to ear bud cases and other pouch carriers, you can imprint your logo on bottle sets, techie cases, carry-alls, wallets and many more colorful products that won’t go unnoticed. Celebrate your brand with custom technology kits that are perfect for customer or employee appreciation. Find your favorite products made from the highest quality materials to highlight your brand in a professional, memorable way.

As low as: $1.20
As low as: $1.58
As low as: $2.41
As low as: $2.51
As low as: $2.51
As low as: $3.27
As low as: $3.44
As low as: $3.72