Custom Blankets, Towel Wraps and Robes

This custom collection is vacation-ready and pool-side perfect. Whether you dream of wrapping up in a beautiful blanket at a late-night outdoor concert, or showing off just enough by the poolside in a towel wrap or robe, we’re here to ensure you do it with self-love, confidence and custom-design.

 Cozy Custom Blankets

If you don’t have a favorite, go-to blanket of your own already, you’re missing out. Design a custom blanket to fill this void, and always have something you love to cuddle up to. Spread it out on the ground for picnics with friends, or share the warmth of a custom Sherpa blanket with a loved one. Ensure children stay cozy, bundled up like burritos in personalized blankets to boot.

 Custom Robes and Towels to Wrap-Up in Style

Whether you’re staying in a villa in Spain or basking in the sun on your own back patio, a custom towel wrap or robe can make the whole experience even more luxurious!

Custom towel wraps are flirty and fun. They’re the quick and easy cover-up that deserves personalization. Custom bathrobes add a layer of sophistication to your poolside, bath-time or spa-day look.

Never leave home without your favorite towel wrap or personalized bathrobe, with custom design featuring your initials, name, or graphical design.

As low as: $5.26
As low as: $7.40
As low as: $7.98
As low as: $9.86
As low as: $10.80
As low as: $14.78

 For Ice Cool Individuals, Hot Couples and Fun Families

Dare to stand out poolside with your unique custom towel, design matching robes to celebrate your love, or choose cozy custom blankets for kids of all ages:

- Create a unique design tailored to you, featuring your own illustrations, favorite lyrics, personal motto or anything that empowers and encapsulates you.

- Custom robes make the perfect anniversary gift. Adorn his and hers custom bathrobes with initials, special dates or nicknames.

- Design custom towels or personalized blankets for the whole family, for big family road trips, beach vacations and summer fun.

- Be the ultimate host and provide custom towels, robes or blankets for when guests stop by your pool or vacation home. Adorn them with the name of the beautiful home, town or city you’re staying in.

 Custom Robes and Towels for Hotels and Spas

Custom robes, towels and blankets give an invaluable air of attention to detail and luxury that will be appreciated by guests staying at your establishment:

- Adorn your custom blankets, bathrobes and towel wraps with your hotel or spa logo.

- Keep custom robes and towels available for guests that wish to use your pool, hot tub or spa facilities.

- Make custom blankets available for families and couples enjoying your outdoor space or sitting at outdoor tables to enjoy a meal or glass of wine.

- Sell your custom blankets and robes in your gift store, for couples longing to remember their stay.

- Custom robes and towels can act as a reminder of your brand, and your logo can help prevent them from going missing.

 Design Your Custom Towel, Blanket or Robe

Success Promos will adorn your custom towel, robe or blanket with your design. Simply send us your ideas, and we’ll bring your vision to life. Our talented, professional embroidery team is here to complete small orders and large bulk requests to perfection. Trust us, you’ll be enjoying your new favorite towel, cozy custom blanket or majestic robe in no-time!